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Thank you for your assistance as another financial year comes to an end.  As usual we are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Finlay Financial Strategies. We have found your service to be dependable, friendly and open over the years. Your attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to us.

Richard & Karan Bastian
Bastian's Jewelllers

Paul Finlay has been giving my family finance advice for well over a decade.  We have trusted Paul with not only our annual tax requirements but with our general wealth creation strategies and more recently our Self Managed Super Fund. I know Paul to be informed, frank and knowledgeable in all the areas of family finical management. 
Most importantly, we have found Paul to be trustworthy and scrupulous - two of the most critical attributes I look for.  
I happily commend Paul and his practice to any family wanting to judiciusly build a secure future.

Chris McGowan

Paul has provided sound financial advice and assistance in regard to our business and financial planning for 15 years.
He is always accessible, good humoured and pays prompt attention to any business-related queries that we have.

Jeanette & Bruce Walker
Bruce Walker Refrigeration Pty Ltd


ABC Internatioanl

For a number of years Paul Finlay of Finlay Financial Strategies has been our one stop shop for all our financial needs.
It started with a simple tax return and at least a couple of important questions - What is our financial goal whilst still working? Do we have a financial goal for "life after work"? Yes, we did want to smell the roses in our retirement (preferably in London, Paris, Rome and few other places around the World), but according to Paul Finlay we needed to do our maths first. From then on it made sense that he'd do maths for us if we were to achieve our current and future financial goals.     

Thanks to Paul our personal financial goals are on track therefore when purchasing our business we had no hesitation in asking him to provide us with advice on the purchase and to act as our Conveyancer and Business Financial Adviser. Today his expertise and sound knowledge of practical business financial strategies gives us the confidence we need to run our business in a very competitive and economically tough market.

It is logical for Paul to look after both our personal and business finances as decisions made in one area can greatly impact the other.

Yvonna Zurawska
Managing Director ABC International Pty Ltd Translating & Interpreting Services