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Risk Insurance

Business Insurance

What it does for you

Business insurance – incorporated through life, trauma and income protection insurance – is a vital safety net for anyone operating their own business. It is a “business risk strategy” that protects the business, your income and your personal assets from being lost or drained whilst the main income producer of the business is away due to injury or illness.

An essential and often missed component of a “business risk strategy” is Business Expense Protection, which will provide up to 100% of allowance expenses, thus enabling a business to continue when you are away, without depleting business funds, including any income protection payout that replaced your salary.

It is important that the structure, including ownership and beneficiaries, of the policies be organised correctly in consideration of the operational issues of the business.

Choosing the right insurance for your business

This particular area of insurance cover requires careful consideration and may be more involved depending on the nature and structure of the business, as well as the financial structure and situation of the owner(s).  These more intricate considerations are in addition to proper product selection, of which there are numerous choices with varying definitions, components and costs.

Clients are recommended to contact us to discuss their business insurance needs.