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Taxation & Accounting

Paul has practised as a public accountant for 35 years. He is;

  • A Fellow member of the Institute of Public Accountants(FIPA)
  • Member of the National Taxation and Accountants Association (NTAA)
  • A Fellow member of the Taxation Institute of Australia (FTIA)

    Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation

How We Charge

Quite simply, we charge by “time”.

Our “product” is our time and expertise. We charge our clients for the actual time allocated to complete and process their work.

If you are a business owner on the search for a trusted business advisor, we can offer you a free half hour consultation. During this no obligation consultation, we can explain to you our services and charge rates.

Personal income tax returns start from $170.00 (including GST) and increases in price in accordance with the complexity and the quantity of your record keeping-for example;

  • sole trader business
  • capital gain calculations
  • investment properties
  • managed funds and direct shares
  • tax offsets
  • motor vehicle expenses and depreciation schedules

Business income tax returns – companies, trusts etc.

One way of helping to reduce the time we spend on your work, thus reducing the cost to you, is by submitting all your accounts and records in a well organised and complete manner in the first instance.

Every June we release a newsletter detailing changes in the tax legislation, items you should provide to us and our applicable charges.

Steps to Help Minimise Accounting Costs

  • Provide all the information in the first instance
  • Summarise and reconcile as much as possible
  • Explain any unusual events at the initial meeting
  • Discuss areas that can be improved on or work that you can do to present the job better
  • Efficient computerisation – make sure that you understand the computer package that you use
  • Provide any missing information quickly
  • Ensure you liase with your Bank/Solicitor/Fund Managers for collection of statements etc.,
  • Ask yourself the question “can I attend to this task myself without contacting my accountant?" (ie avoid contacting us to fax copies of tax returns, financials etc which you may already have in your possession)
  • Use our administration staff for minor enquiries (eg making an appointment, requesting documents) and Paul for the more important issues (answering technical enquiries)
  • Utilise e-mail for answers to any queries
  • Your time is important too. Do what you are good at (ie operating your business) and we will support your business by attending to all your taxation requirements (ie your bookkeeping, GST returns and Income Tax Returns)

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