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Tax Structure & Planning

Asset Protection

What is asset protection?

Simply, it is keeping your business and business risk separate from your hard earned personal assets.

The strategies that we recommend to mitigate risks and protect your assets include;

  • insurance – adequate Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover
  • appropriate business structure
  • estate planning
  • separation of trading entity from asset holding entity
  • choosing a “risk” person and a “asset” person in the family
  • separating plant & equipment & Intellectual property out in a separate entity from the trading entity
  • secured debt strategy (become a secured creditor over your own core assets)
  • contractual wills
  • Family  trusts (ensure your family assets are kept within your family)

If you feel your assets are exposed to an unacceptable amount of risk, it is well worth your time to contact Paul to discuss these matters.


Does property (residential and/or commercial) investment interest you?

When buying and selling an investment property – either a residential one or a commercial one – it always pays to seek advice beforehand.

We can go through the numbers with you and explain the taxation benefits and taxation traps, the buying and selling process, your loan repayments and affordability, potential income tax deductions and the necessary record keeping.

As registered conveyancers, and having referral access to leading Mortgage Brokers, we are able to handle the whole property purchase process. From the signing of the contract, to the loan application and approval through to the transfer documentation and actual settlement. We can then handle all of the income tax aspects of the property ownership including rental income and expenses.

Some recently constructed properties attract additional special “building allowance” deductions, for which a “Quantity Surveyors report” is necessary. We are able to advise you in this regard and recommend firms of quantity surveyors to use.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are now permitted, by the Australian Taxation Office, to borrow funds for residential and commercial property investment. However, the rules are complex and we can assist clients in understanding those rules.

Investments – Shares and Managed Funds

We suggest that all clients look at shares and managed funds – not just property – as an avenue to wealth creation and a worry free financially comfortable retirement.

Managed funds and shares offer investors and clients, diversification – both geographically and industrially. These investments also provide a regular and growing income stream and income tax advantages, via dividend imputation and distributed trust capital gains.

They also provide clients with opportunities, at any time, to sell or divest themselves of part of their investments at any time, with about a weeks notice.

However, clients need to treat managed funds and shares as long term investments – the same as they do with property. We do not see managed funds and shares as short term investments that clients need to be trading regularly.

We never encourage clients to blindly make an investment decision that doesn’t take into account their own financial circumstances.

Investments as serious long term commitments that benefit your life, not a spur of the moment gamble on the next big thing that you come across.

Clients need to be comfortable with the investment and ensure that it is not one that will keep them awake at night worrying about them.      

We provide personalised, responsible advice suited to your circumstances. We can assist you to develop your financial strategy, construct your portfolio and implement your plans. Our experienced team provide advice and service of the highest ethical standards.

We provide advice on a range of investment options, and also tax structures and assist clients in choosing the one that best suits them.

As “fee for service” providers of financial services we do not charge entry and exit fees and we are under no obligation to promote particular investments.

We welcome you to make contact with Paul to discuss your personal investment and property requirements.